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Luis Moro Hi, thank you for visiting. “Let’s Create the Relevant.”  That’s my personal foundation.  I express myself making a difference for clients by: Coaching[…]

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Transparent Technologies, Inc. “We Create the Relevant.” Using our proprietary “fully functioning, self-determining” methodology we create sustainable solutions empowering clients to produce personal, family, and[…]

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Morgan Mainz builders, Montecito, Santa Barbara, Rivera, Mesa, California

Currently engaged in strategic marketing, branding, and client service structuring.  Transparent Technologies works with CEO Morgan Mainz on the foundation of transforming real estate construction service[…]

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Aurora North provides industry expertise and thought leadership to enhance legal operations, increase efficiency and reduce risk. Aurora North PracticeLink product supports the teams that protect[…]

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Gambassa SaaS Welk Aviation Harvard JEI Start-up Ecology Sydney Evans CETPA Simi Valley School District and several other White Label clients. Gambassa LMS combines innovative[…]


Vote Early - It's Over in October by Luis Moro

2012 was a year to remember.  Luis Moro created the “Elect Obama Now” campaign.  Co-Chairwoman Brenda Strong of Desperate Housewives and Dallas fame let the “It’s Over[…]

Elect Obama Now 2012