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Hi, thank you for visiting. “Let’s Create the Relevant.” That’s my personal foundation.  I express myself making a difference for a living. I love to[…]

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Let's Create the Relevant. Luis Moro

Transparent Technologies, Inc. “We Create the Relevant.” Using our proprietary “Being Trainable” methodology we create sustainable solutions empowering clients to produce personal, family, and business[…]

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Morgan Mainz builders, Montecito, Santa Barbara, Rivera, Mesa, California

Currently engaged in strategic marketing, branding, and client service structuring.  Transparent Technologies works with CEO Morgan Mainz on the foundation of transforming real estate construction service[…]

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All terms, conditions, and sales are final. No refund policy applies to all consulting, projects, websites and any service by Luis Moro, Transparent Technologies, Inc[…]

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