Transparent Technologies, Inc. “We Create the Relevant.” Transparent Technologies represents a network of consultants versed in a range of businesses. Using our proprietary “Being Trainable”[…]

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Veterans ACT (Advanced Career Training) We are Military Veterans, Career Professionals, and Companies Committed to Empowering Veterans and active military to create and live the[…]

Veterans ACT

Luis is an innovative pioneer in Real Estate financing, sales, training, and marketing. Real Estate financing is a cornerstone of Luis Moro’s thirty-five-year career. He[…]

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Contract Complete, Engaged in strategic marketing, branding, and client service restructuring.  Transparent Technologies works with CEO Morgan Mainz on the foundation of transforming real estate[…]

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Contract complete: In collaboration with the Aurora North C-suit team, Luis Moro helped transform messaging of a highly technical unique product-line vision into clean, clear,[…]

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Luis Moro

Hi, thank you for visiting. “Let’s Create the Relevant.” That’s my personal foundation. I Care. I express myself by making a difference for a living.[…]

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