Luis Moro

Luis Moro brings clients twenty-five years of creative and innovative business consulting, training, and coaching experience with English and Spanish language clients. His experience includes working on entrepreneurial, corporate, and government projects in the areas of sales, marketing, production management, training and development teams. He works directly with corporate board[…]

Luis Moro Biography

Professional Parent Associates.

Fully-functioning, Self-determining Skills by Professional Parent Associates Professional Parent Associates is a consulting, counseling, coaching group specializing in empowering parents, children, and companies.  We’re a network of therapists, psychologists, consultants, and coaches that deliver “fully functioning, Self-determining” programs producing healthy breakthrough results for parents and children; teams and projects,  companies and employees.[…]

Professional Parent Associates™

U.S. Cuba Exchange Luis Moro

Under construction – coming soon. The U.S. Cuba Exchange is a community of people committed to expanding U.S. Cuba relationships worldwide. We’re a reliable credible destination for everyone wanting to learn and share about Cuba and the abundance of excellent opportunities to taste, experience, and learn about Cuba in communities around the world.[…]

US Cuba Exchange Worldwide

Everything Santa Barbara

Under construction – coming soon. Everything Santa Barbara. A home base for the Santa Barbara community. As residents, we unite, share, and discuss Everything in Santa Barbara. As a global tourist destination, we are the authentic locals-and-visitors resource for Everywhere in Santa Barbara. As the birthplace of the Western Mindfulness Movement,[…]

Everything Santa Barbara

New Jersey Home Buyers Convention Produced by Luis Moro

Luis Moro is a pioneer in creating, developing, and leading Real Estate and Mortgage Banker Sales training and creative marketing courses since the 1980’s.  During his transition from a ten year career in mortgage banking and real estate in New Jersey to a business consultant at VSA Consulting Group in[…]

R.E.S.T. Real Estate Sales Training

Vote Early - It's Over in October by Luis Moro

2012 was a year to remember.  Luis Moro created the “Elect Obama Now” campaign.  Co-Chairwoman Brenda Strong of Desperate Housewives and Dallas fame let the “It’s Over in October” initiative when resulted in the first sitting president in United States history, Barack Obama and First lady Michelle Obama voting early.  The margin of[…]

Elect Obama Now 2012

Gambassa students

Gambassa SaaS Welk Aviation Harvard JEI Start-up Ecology Sydney Evans CETPA Simi Valley School District and several other White Label clients. Gambassa LMS combines innovative organizational tools to empower students and teachers. Designed to Work Together™ The Gambassa educational platform offers instructors and students a simple, effective and streamlined way to[…]


California Education Technology Professionals Association

Gambassa Publishing is the official Publishing content management computing platform for The California Education Technologies Professional Association. At TTI we are proud to be partners in the Gambassa team Revolutionizing Education. As a founding partners of Gambassa Luis started working with Gambassa creator and CEO Gary Glass from the inception[…]

CEPTA Gambassa Publishing

Big Data Websites

We manage and produce “Big Data” websites designed to manage high volume physical and digital  sales. Examples of Big Data websites include “Home depot, Amazon, Netflix” type high-volume product management e-commerce stores. Active websites: White Label Clients Not Listed. Contact Transparent Technologies, Inc to build your Big Data[…]

Big Data E-commerce Websites

Brad and Angie go Jamah.

JAMAH’s timeless designs redefine the modern classic. Fashioned from luxurious, lightweight Italian leather and hardware to customized exotic skins, a JAMAH bag is distinguishable by its fusion of elegant form and rich, sophisticated colors. Honoring the integrity of the leather’s texture and purity of line, JAMAH designs maintain refined silhouettes.[…]

Jamah Luxury Collection™

Montecito Union District School

Luis Moro believe’s in community contribution as being a part of a healthy lifestyle and example for our children. Luis participates with the Montecito Union PTA as well as contributes his writing, directing, editing and producing skills for various MUS video projects. Montecito Union PTA Thank video. MUS PTA Presentation[…]

Montecito Union District School

Santa Barbara Ballet Nutcracker Holiday5

As  part of our commitment to community contribution.  Luis Moro designed and built the official website for the Santa Barbara Festival Ballet. The Santa Barbara Festival Ballet is recognized as one of California premier ballet company that performs the annual Nutcracker Ballet at the famed Arlington Theatre in Santa Barbara,[…]

Santa Barbara Festival Ballet

Professional Parenting Today.

The most effective distinctions to raise fully functioning, self-determining adults. Professional Parent Associates: How to create fully functioning, Self-determining children, adults, and teams. from Transparent Technologies, Inc. on Vimeo.

Professional Parenting Today

The Planet Generation

Currently in bata testing: The Planet Generation is a “Social Action Website” for people committed to living the life they want, and having it all. We provide like-minded people and communities an Internet home-base to unite, empower each other, and make a difference using the best computing tools, resources, and networks available worldwide.  Join[…]

The Planet Generation™

Carol Burnett Comedy Tribute for The Teddy Bear Foundation.

Carol Burnett Comedy Tribute for The Teddy Bear Foundation. Written, Directed and In Association with Luis Moro Productions. A fund raising comedy tribute of Carol Burnett for the Teddy Bear Foundation. Over $220,000 dollars was raised in this star studded tribute to the Queen of Comedy Carol Burnett.

Carol Burnett Comedy Tribute.

911 Families of Freedom Worldtrade AID by Luis Moro Productions.

2001 and 2002 Reve Entertainment Group, Luis Moro Productions fundraiser for families of victims of the 911 World Trade Center attacks. Over 5 million dollars was raised for the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund. Partners Luis Moro, Lisa France and Josselyne Herman took on making a difference by uniting New York[…]

911 Worldtrade AID Fundraiser.