CEPTA Gambassa Publishing

California Education Technology Professionals Association

Gambassa Publishing is the official Publishing content management computing platform for The California Education Technologies Professional Association. At TTI we are proud to be partners in the Gambassa team Revolutionizing Education. As a founding partners of Gambassa Luis started working with Gambassa creator and CEO Gary Glass from the inception of Mr. Glass vision to transform education. Since then and to date Luis works directly with Mr. Glass and Gambassa to create, manage and execute the business models and elements required that distinguish Gambassa from the competition. Luis is currently spearheading Gambassa’s launch into the National education marketplace, starting with California.

Note: The California Educational Technology Professionals Association is a non-profit membership organization, comprised of Educational Technology Professionals (technologists) who support schools in California and outlying areas. Founded in 1960, the association has dedicated more than 50 years of service toward activities that aim to improve the public education system with a strong emphasis on Administrative Information Processing within the State of California. CETPA membership is primarily composed of Information Technology (IT) Support Professionals and Administrative Officials who work in California public schools, which includes but is not limited to the following position titles: Chief Technology Officers, Directors of Technology, Network Managers, Network Engineers, Technicians, Superintendents, Chief Business Officials, Teachers, Administrators, and other instructional support professionals.

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