Elect Obama Now 2012

Vote Early - It's Over in October by Luis Moro

Elect Obama Now 2012 - Luis Moro team

2012 was a year to remember.  Luis Moro created the “Elect Obama Now” campaign.  Co-Chairwoman Brenda Strong of Desperate Housewives and Dallas fame let the “It’s Over in October” initiative when resulted in the first sitting president in United States history, Barack Obama and First lady Michelle Obama voting early.  The margin of victory in the 2012 election can be directly attributed to the mail-in and early voter results.

This is one accomplishment Luis Moro and the teams at Transparent Technologies, are very proud of.

“We were in the background, before us, early voting was a throwaway thought. The DNC didn’t even highlight it on stage. But soon after the DNC convention through our direct efforts, our message got the Obama’s. Win the election in October. Others can take the credit, but we know who started the conversation and made it reach the Obama’s. The Elect Obama Now team.” – Luis Moro

Elect Obama Now – It’s over in October team.

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