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Professional Parent Associates


  • “It’s a wonderful methodology on self actualizing and becoming a professional.”

    Diane Miskulin Gnassi – Mother, Wife, Clinical School Psychologist
  • “A game changer. Superb. I believe the content to be incredibly revolutionary.”

    Nathalie Delmas – Mother, Wife, International Business Consultant.
  • “I love how it feels. What changed is my attitude about being a Professional Parent First”

    Yolanda Yturralde – Mother, wife, Licensed Marriage & Family Psychotherapist.
  • “It’s my new reference as a father, husband, and business man.”

    Manuel Gonzalez – Real Estate Banking Executive

Create fully functioning, Self-determining leaders

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The Professional Parent Advantage

We're Professional Parents committed to parents winning in life. We provide specialized Coaching, Consulting, and Counseling.

Professional Parenting is a training and development methodology designed to create "fully functioning, Self-determining" individuals and teams at work and home.

Our distinctions are designed to empower and maximize your existing education and training to accomplish your vision, mission, and goals.

1) People who practice Professional Parenting gain a competitive advantage in the workforce and create a fulfilling lifestyle at home.

2) Executives that practice Professional Parenting give their teams reliable "thought processes" to produce sustainable breakthrough results.

3) Practice any one of the distinctions featured below and you will experience a transformation in your business, social and family life.

Contact us today to bring new creative ways of thinking to your business and family.


Declare: I AM a Professional Parent

Once you declare I AM a Professional Parent you begin the process of mastering “fully functioning, Self-determining” distinctions. Having children provides an exceptional environment for parents to train and develop themselves as they raise fully functioning, self-determining children. The distinctions learned when applied to business provide a competitive advantage. It’s useful to[…]

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Practice the 5A’s

Learn the 5A’s  and start practicing that you can have any conversation with anyone, anywhere, anytime, about anything, anyhow, and stay in the conversation. Mastering the 5A’s creates opportunities for unprecedented conversations for everyone with anyone to create and produce results. For someone to be “Fully functioning” they must master[…]

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Expand your “Combinations of Language”

The more combinations of language you have the more effective you can be in any conversation with anyone.  Mastering “Combinations of Language” gives you more power and freedom to transform language locks quickly. Language locks are patterns of language trapped in thoughts, beliefs, and ways of thinking that keep individuals and[…]

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Master “What Hooks you? Is you.”

The distinction “What hooks you? Is you.” is a fundamental distinction with-which you either transform or stay the same. There is no grey area. For someone to be “Self-determining” they must master “What hooks you? Is you.”

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Professional Parents Get the Job Done

We're creating a fully functioning, Self-determining generation.

With Professional Parenting Training, there is no reason to live a dis-empowered life.

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