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  • A Single Hollywood Entertainment Executive, with two boys
  • Went from siblings relentless fighting to laughter, joking and healthy conversations

An entertainment executive has two robust boys who are masters of disruption especially when life does not go their way. This is a learned practice many young children and some adults do often at any age.

We introduced the brothers to practicing The 5A’s game. The 5A’s game creates a great environment where everyone’s goal is to be able to have any conversation, about anything, with anyone, anywhere, and anytime with out being disruptive or throwing a tantrum.

One of the brothers embraced and played the Professional Parent “5A’s game” instantly. Within one-day this boy was sharing proudly how he could do “The 5A’s” with anyone. First he would repeat the 5A’s, then share real life examples. His competitive brother caught on and began to participate in the 5A’s game too.

Soon when people around the brothers could not have a productive conversation, the boys would hold them to account using-and-practicing The 5A’s.

The foundation of learning, practicing, and becoming The 5A’s in this executive’s life transferred to his office team and environment. Productivity improves when people an practice the the 5A’s in any industry under and all circumstances.

Technology CEO

Corporate Executive VP

Marriage Family Psychologist



Now is always the time to be a Professional Parent

Being a parent is one of the most fulfilling and difficult jobs in the world. Continuously balancing children in ones life, career, relationships, and self-expression is a learned skill. Professional Parents know that to succeed at anything you must always be learning. Our methodology gives you the tools and distinctions to empower yourself and others to be "fully functioning and Self-determining" in all areas of life.