Professional Parent Associates


  • A Marriage Family Psychotherapist, married with children
  • Went from life overwhelm to expanding her wealth, grace and ease with her entire family

A licensed professional with three children, husband, and great practice that makes a difference for many people, could not fully be satisfied with her own life. No matter what she tried or who she consulted with, no one could help her find a path for her own complete happiness and self-expression.

The Solution: She declared herself “A Professional Parent”. Given her knowledge and experience when she declared: “I AM a Professional Parent” she instantly saw she had become her career first and was trying to fit her family second in her life. By simply declaring she is a Professional Parent first she saw her career is there to empower her life, children and marriage.

Her new freedom and example to others had her professional practice became more in demand by clients, with less hassles to manage, and a super happy (and sexy) family life.

She now schedules all her clients around her priority of being available for her children’s daily needs and empowering her husband’s success (His success is her success). Her own self-expression instantly expanded and her desire for a fully self-expressed family embracing all of life is being fulfilled every day.

Technology CEO

Hollywood Business Executive

Corporate Executive VP



Now is always the time to be a Professional Parent

Being a parent is one of the most fulfilling and difficult jobs in the world. Continuously balancing children in ones life, career, relationships, and self-expression is a learned skill. Professional Parents know that to succeed at anything you must always be learning. Our methodology gives you the tools and distinctions to empower yourself and others to be "fully functioning and Self-determining" in all areas of life.