Professional Parent Associates


  • A Technology company CEO, Single Mom with two sons
  • Went from a son just about to be expelled from school to being a leader and his brother going to college.
  • Simultaneously transformed a rouge employee environment to a thriving office team

This CEO had a problem with a rouge executive that was hired for top-level sales management. Though he talked a great game he kept doing whatever he wanted to do while asking for ownership interest in the company, and not producing results consistent with his accountability. His rouge behavior was getting worse and impacting the company workforce. We worked with the CEO to transform the working environment created by this executive.

We distinguished the CEO had a similar issue with her son in elementary school not responding to teachers. All threats to the boy if he disobeyed his teachers simply created more issues and problems to the point that the boy was going to be thrown out of school.

The CEO declared herself a Professional Parent. She realized in that moment that she had been deflecting her parenting responsibilities on to her sons teachers which was confusing for him. Once the declaration of being a Professional Parent was made, she and her son were clear that the buck stops with her. His behavior immediately began to shift.

We identified the CEO Mom had the same pattern with the rouge executive. She had the executive answering to other staff that did not hire him. The executive felt he was hired to be a boss like the CEO and answer to no one. The CEO hired him, so she had to take responsibility and accountability for the executives attitude, behavior, and results. He had to answer to her.

Today her son is flourishing in school, the rouge executive is long gone, and the CEO continues to create responsible, accountable, and fully functioning, self-determining people in her life.

Hollywood Business Executive

Corporate Executive VP

Marriage Family Psychologist



Now is always the time to be a Professional Parent

Being a parent is one of the most fulfilling and difficult jobs in the world. Continuously balancing children in ones life, career, relationships, and self-expression is a learned skill. Professional Parents know that to succeed at anything you must always be learning. Our methodology gives you the tools and distinctions to empower yourself and others to be "fully functioning and Self-determining" in all areas of life.