Professional Parent Associates

Professional Parent Associates

Dr Maria Fotiadou

Dr Maria Fotiadou Professional Parent Associate

Dr Maria Fotiadou (Coventry University UK – PhD (2008); MSc (2001) Health Psychology; BSc (Hons) Psychology (2000)

For the last 15 years, she works in the field of positive and health psychology. Dr Fotiadou is a life coach and a public inspirational speaker. Her talks cover several subjects such as happiness, personal strengths, positive thinking, dealing with stress and anxiety, goal setting and achievement, relationships, verbal and non-verbal communication, quality of life and success, gratitude, healthy lifestyle. She also uses photography as a life coaching technique.

She has worked with groups of people from different cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds, of all ages. Her work experience includes people with mental and chronic health problems (eg. Depression, cancer, arthritis, diabetes) and their families, and also individuals that want to increase their levels of Happiness, quality of life, and achieve their dreams in any level.

In her pursuit to find every day heroes and spread positivity, she founded the website Life Treasure Collector, where people from around the world can share their Personal Positive Stories and inspire others to see life with optimism, faith and positivity.

The last few years, she also works as a lecturer teaching positive, health and developmental psychology.

For several years, she has worked as a research psychologist at Coventry University studying coping and quality of life of families of children with disabilities and chronic health problems. Her PhD was on optimism in families of children with cancer, which attracted 3 award prizes at international conferences and funding. She was also awarded an honorary research psychologist position at Birmingham’s Children Hospital, Oncology Department, UK.

She has received training for the HOPE (Help to Overcome Problems Effectively) a Positive Psychology/Life Coaching Programme, (by Dr Andy Turner, Coventry University, UK) and has facilitated HOPE in both the UK and Greece. Additional psychology interventions training includes the Expert Patients Programme and the Photovoice Programme (University of Washington).

Dr Fotiadou currently lives in Greece and her collaborations involve people from around the world. Her lifetime dream is to help as many people as possible explore their personal strengths, lead a happy life & reach their dreams. Last year, she worked as a radio producer, she writes for several websites and often appears as a guest on TV and radio shows talking on positive psychology related subjects. Her first book on Positive Thinking is in progress.