Professional Parent Associates

Professional Parent Associates

Jill Burns

Jill is a master coach and international performance consultant. She has over 25 years of experience in the personal and corporate transformation arena. She is the co-creator of All In Ventures, a coaching, consulting and workshop organization that creates pathways to extraordinary results for individuals, partner relationships for both small and large organizations.

Jill brings a unique blend of love, passion, humor and an unwavering commitment to producing breakthrough results for her clients. As a powerful speaker and course leader, she has led personal development seminars and leadership trainings for thousands of people throughout her multi-faceted career.

Jill specializes in developing leaders, improving business operations and supporting both client and contractors with the goal of “one vision, one team”. She is masterful at identifying the core issues on any project and inspiring people to take pride in their work such that they make the right choices and achieve their goals.

Jill’s core expertise within the business setting are:

* Creating and facilitating strategic alignment sessions
* Leadership development workshops
* Navigating difficult and often sensitive conversations
* One on one executive coaching
* Addressing breakdowns head on and putting the right people together to take decisive action
* Creating a culture shift of Win/Win

Jill is a Professional Parent raising a son with her partner Beth Styles. They live in Connecticut.

Visit “All In Ventures” for more on Jill Burns or contact her directly.