Professional Parent Associates

Professional Parent Associates

Luis Moro

Luis Moro brings clients twenty-five years of coaching, consulting, training and development experience in English and Spanish.  He’s authored four books on the Professional Parenting “fully functioning, self-determining” Methodology.

With a focus on business development, sales, and creative business strategies, Luis gives your team a competitive advantage in creating, managing, and delivering sales initiatives from idea to results as a “fully functioning, Self-determining” team.

The unique methodologies practiced by each Professional Parent Associates incorporated with the proprietary “fully functioning, self-determining” distinctions produce effective results. Being a “fully functioning, self-determining” person or team is a competitive advantage. When you work with one Professional Parent Associate you gain the knowledge base of our team.

“The fully functioning, Self-determining distinctions create-underneath the heart of the matter of why people show up to work and empowers them to produce unprecedented results.”

“Let’s create the relevant.”  Luis Moro.