Venus & Vegas, the movie

Venus and Vegas, the movie

Produced by Luis Moro

A Luis Moro Production

Venus and Vegas, the movie

Venus & Vegas
Cast: Donald Faison, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Eddie Guerra, Jamie Presley and Molly Sims, Florence Henderson, Joe Rogan, Florence Henderson Director: Demian Lichtenstein

Three friends Stu (Donald Faison), Alex (Eddie Kaye Thomas) and Eric (Eddie Guerra) are looking for the easy way to make money and keep their girls in Las Vegas. They decide to rob a rich mans house and make off with some serious loot. Alex likes to spend his money at the race track. Eric has just been put on a break with his hot girlfriend Tara (Jamie Presley) and Stu is hanging out with Richie (a very funny Joe Rogan).

The guys decide to do another heist and start staking out their next target. As they’re pulling the job of robbing faked casino chips,they find they robbed the wrong people, who happen to be mob guys. Alex drops his cell phone and soon is picked up by the guys they ripped off and spills the beans. Now the game is on since Alex has been held by the people robbed and Stu and Eric have one of the mob guys for hostage. Along the way the guys discover stuff about themselves that they weren’t expecting.

Florence Henderson has a great role in the movie as a gambling, boozing, party girl. You’ve never seen her like this before. Joe Rogan has a great cameo as well.

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