About Us


Transparent Technologies, Inc.

“We Create the Relevant.”

Transparent Technologies represents a network of consultants versed in a range of businesses. Using our proprietary “Being Trainable” methodology we create sustainable solutions empowering clients to produce personal, family, and business goals.

“Being Trainable is the most important skillset anyone can have and offer others.” – Luis Moro

A “fully functioning, Self-determining” person is a priceless asset. A “fully functioning, self-determining” team is unstoppable.

Contact us for:

  1. Real Estate Financing.
  2. Individual and Organizational Coaching/Consulting/Conflict Resolutions.
  3. Veterans ACT: Advance Career Training.
  4. Creative Sales Marketing Solutions.
  5. Project Management for Real Estate, Entertainment, and Technology.

We specialize in creative,

1. Sales training, development, presentation, and execution.
2. Team-driven project management.
3. Start-up business modeling and supporting documentation for funding.
4. Creative expansion solutions for small to mid-size companies.
5. Investor turnaround services, recovery for failed management, or investor interest.
6. Organizational cultural design.
7. Various production, and management solutions.

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