Comedy Productions, Presentations, and Fundraisers


Stand-up comedy shows are a fun special way for organizations wanting unique ways to raise money for their cause, introduce a new message, and inspire teams and audiences.

Most of all, once you meet the funniest person in the world, you will always have the opportunity to live a happy life, for life. Read: “Who’s the Funniest Person in the World?”

Comedy has always been a part of my entire life. To this day, I make sure to have comedy be part of my own personal healthy lifestyle. Just like I do my best to eat right, exercise regularly, always learn, and keep Being Trainable. I make sure to inspire my comedy spirit by performing or supporting others.

The bottom line is laughing is good for our souls. Sign up for our Santa Barbara Comedy Nights Newsletter and join us at one of our Santa Barbara Comedy Nights.

Below are a few of my comedy show event productions, feature films produced, and stand-up comedy performances.

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